Beginner to Advanced Practitioner Training Course & Self Development in Psychotherapy – Hypnotherapy Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Cognitive … – NLP – CBT. Clinical Psychology) (Volume 1)

Beginner to Advanced Practitioner Training Course & Self Development in Psychotherapy – Hypnotherapy Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Cognitive … – NLP – CBT. Clinical Psychology) (Volume 1)

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714 Pages Paperback – 829 Kindle. I am David Glenn, a Professional Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner and Trainer with over twenty year’s experience in this profession. I have written this book to pass on my knowledge for those: 1) Interested in the cognitive psychology of oneself as a self-development help guide in understanding and utilising the power of your own mind to overcome: anxiety, depression, low confidence, phobias, stress, bad habits, weight loss, stop smoking, drugs, alcohol and more, in order to get the best out of your life. 2) Wanting to have a successful career in Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Life Coaching and Psychotherapy as a whole. Developing or enhancing your therapy skills in dealing with all types of clients, to help them recover their cognitive health and well being. Everybody can study this course book as home study training. It is laid out in layman’s terms, so those with no previous knowledge of the subject, can still learn how to use the power of your own mind to enrich your life. Even if you do not want to be a Professional Therapist, you can still study this course to understand yourself more, for self-help and personal development. This will enable you to break negative habits, and have unlimited confidence with the techniques that you can learn and use in your life, or therapy practice to improve your psyche, or that of a client’s cognitive health (psychological health) and well being. You will also learn how to hypnotise your clients, friends and family, and find the beneficial power of self hypnosis. Enrich your knowledge and skills with what I am going to teach you, which can be used in general life, for yourself and others, or by those wishing a new profession in Hypnotherapy, CBT, NLP Practitioner or Psychotherapist. Keep an open mind to new possibilities. Once you have read and fully understood this book, for many people it is a life changing experience. My philosophy on therapy and psychology in general is – it is the art of understanding the psychology of people, our behaviour, the mind model, body language, communication and speech. You will be able to understand how your mind works, and how to utilise its power for positive change. I have a very modern approach to therapy for today’s generation, as I am sure you will come to realise as we continue. Once you have absorbed all the knowledge I am about to teach you, you will know more than most therapists that have been in the profession for many years. This book contains valuable information on becoming a Professional Hypnotherapist, and Psychotherapist. I will, in the greatest of detail, educate you in all aspects of Psychotherapy, NLP, CBT, and Hypnotherapy, from beginner to an advanced level. Once you have studied this course book, you will be able to set up in business as a professional therapist: despite that I still advise all my students to practise on volunteers, for charities, family and friends, before their first paying client. Conducting psychotherapy is an extremely complex and skilful job. Therefore after reading this book, and gaining some practical skills, if you do not feel you have the ability to put in place the knowledge I have imparted in this book, then I will teach you the skills in a group or one on one setting. Through tailor-made training this will enable you to set up in business, with the greatest confidence in knowledge and skills to succeed in a successful psychotherapy career. Prepare yourself for a truly amazing, life-changing experience. Enjoy as you learn, and I guarantee, at times you will be thinking: WOW! MIND BLOWING, INSPIRATIONAL KNOWLEDGE AND WISDOM, ALL IN THIS BOOK!

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    LCCH Hypnotherapy Training

    An introduction to the hypnosis and hypnotherapy training provided by the London College of Clinical Hypnosis. Please see new, updated video…

    Do you plan on becoming an internationally certified hypnotherapist? Or do you wish to try the potency of hypnotherapy as you or your loved ones battle certain dependencies like smoking, drugs, or alcohol? Hypnotherapy as an alternate and medically sanctioned approach to well-being is becoming more general these days. The important thing to consider is where you are getting the services or the training from.

    Hypnosis Training Singapore: Offering Clinical Hypnotherapist and Certified Instructor

    If you are scouting for the hypnosis training institute to enroll in, consider the credibility of the instructor and the authentication of the training institute itself. Hypnotherapy is a fundamental undertaking, and doctors who first authorized it for medical application admonished that only educated professionals can do it. To know that you are receiving expert and reliable training, check for the instructor’s track record or experience in using hypnotherapy for medical situations.

    Be sure to check for accreditations with authorized authentication bodies. Especially if the training assures you a license which you can use to utilise hypnotherapy anywhere in the world, make sure to receive the international license as well.

    Hypnosis Training Singapore: Among The World’s Best

    Singapore is one of the countries in the world receiving prominence for its medical advances. Singapore is a top notch destination for medical tourism. In addition, in the area of alternative medicine including hypnotherapy, Singapore is a country that is acquiring worldwide acclaim for proficient hypnotherapy training and professional services.

    Taking hypnosis training Singapore provides a stimulating environment to acquire ways to overcome maladies such as drug, alcohol, and smoking addiction, depression, hatred, negativism, and phobias. It assists people attain a brighter and more satisfying life.

    A lot of hypnosis training Singapore centres can be researched online. Be sure to remember the certification and background check, also try out materials which are often given away for free so you can learn the most before determining to enrol.

    Be a professional hypnotherapist. Our certified instructor will help you study Hypnosis Course offered by certified Hypnotherapy Training centre. Visit us today!
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