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Golfers Guide to Mental Fitness: How To Train Your Mind And Achieve Your Goals Using Self-Hypnosis And Visualization

Golfers Guide to Mental Fitness: How To Train Your Mind And Achieve Your Goals Using Self-Hypnosis And Visualization

Product Description

In this breakthrough guide to mastering the mental side of golf, founder of the Mental Golf Academy and creator of the Mental Caddie, John Weir, provides a wealth of information about how the mind works and how you can make it work for you. No matter your skill level, this book will grow along with you and push you throughout your entire career.

It begins with an exploration of the mind-body connection and then reviews studies that reveal the mind’s influence on performance. Next, you’ll learn all about the functions and capacities of the conscious and subconscious mind before taking the biggest leap of all—into the mental training secret that other golf psychology books leave out. It pushes beyond all of the other common mental training techniques and into the discipline of golf hypnosis. Typically wrapped in supernatural packaging, hypnosis isn’t a state of mind but a communication process that accelerates learning through mind relaxation.

2005 Carolinas Section PGA Teacher of the Year Ted Frick says, “All the questions and answers about how to think before, during, and after a round of golf lie within these pages. This book highlights the importance of educating your subconscious through self-hypnosis and it works!”

Price: $21.76

    100 Affirmations: Golf Success. Rapid 10 Minute Self-Hypnosis. Binaural Beats.

    This rapid mind training focuses on calm centered golf playing, and creating an ideal version for positive thinking during golf games. In golf, the mental game is utmost important, and using hypnosis to train your thoughts a valuable tool to improve your golf. Sports psychologists say that developing a calm, centered, relaxed game of golf, which remaining positive and in the now, is a sure way to improve your chances of victory.

    music credit:”Leblon” Kevin MacLeod of Creative Commons License.

    Who is Using Golf Hypnosis for Golf Improvement?
    Thinking about all this, I just wish a few other top golfers would admit to using hypnosis for golf improvement then I wouldn’t have to keep talking about Tiger Woods. Come on Phil Mickelson, it’s obvious you’re using self-hypnosis; you couldn’t …
    News story posted on 2017-06-20T11:51:49
    Chances are you have heard of someone who’s used self-hypnosis for weight loss with wonderful success. Because of the number of men and women utilizing hypnosis for this specific area is developing, we listen to increasingly more good results stories of individuals who’ve battled weight gain over the many years who are finally enjoying a slimmer and also healthier physique via hypnosis. Alright, you may well be asking how self-hypnosis will aid. First, one in the leads to of extra weight is that much sweets intake. Self-hypnosis tips can teach the unconscious thoughts that carbohydrates is not that thrilling. The actual result of reducing sugar consumption based mostly off the retrained mentality isn’t only weight loss but also much better sleep, far better focus, and on the whole condition of life.

    One other very common cause of fat increase is the thing that we call ’emotional eating’. How a lot of instances did you sat down, annoyed, angry, irritated, miserable, or lonely, finding your self reaching out to for the bag of potato snacks, a handful of snacks, that container of ice cream, or some other sort of food in order to help lessen the trouble. Emotional eating can be a massive issue for a lot of folks and despite the fact that you may well tell your self repeatedly that you will by no means make use of meals for comfort and ease, it becomes a repetitious issue. Once more, hypnosis may be utilized to train the subconscious mind approaches of relaxing and acquire power, and control more than the scenario so you don’t have to turn to food. With this, you will locate that you shed excess weight and/or maintain it off.

    Just like you can use self-hypnosis to cease smoking or any other unwanted habits, you’ll be able to use self-hypnosis to shed fat. The actual idea is usually to teach the mind how totransfer from one particular thought approach to yet another. Just take fastfood as a very good example. Almost all junk food consist of fat and substantial carbs, which unfortunately mean excessive consumption of calories and also excessive pounds. Nevertheless, riding past the Pizza Hut, Burger King, or Mcdonalds is nearly impossible. On the other hand, suppose you could use self-hypnosis to turn the takeaway food wants away? To tell the truth, you can and perhaps surprisingly, it really is not that hard. Using self-hypnosis, you can actually pick up control over junk food urges, looking for healthy and delicious meals instead.

    Almost certainly one among the toughest goodies to conquer is chocolate, chocolate, as well as more chocolate. As mentioned earlier, some chocolate doesn’t immediately lead to weight gain. On the other hand, in the event you eat chocolate typically, then you will likely be forced to fight the lbs. Self-hypnosis can provide you with a necessary improvement to your subconscious mind that you have virtually no desire in choosing chocolate. Bear in mind that for several individuals chocolate is an dependency which comes along with a intense demand.Again, hypnosis can assist stop that urge so that you’re not taken by chocolate.

    Of course, just as it is possible to make use of the benefits of hypnosis to curb foods addictions and needs, it is possible to also few this with the benefit to physical exercise. Clearly, the crucial to losing exercise is not just cutting back to the amount and sorts of foods eaten but in addition workout. Due to workout, you’ll shed bodyweight, tone the body, and enhance all in all well being. Workout enthusiasm is some thing often implied with hypnosis, permitting you to obtain thrilled about running, walking, going swimming, bicycling, and playing golf, or whatsoever exercise you appreciate.

    Via a hypnotic approach, you’ll discover yourself searching forward each day to investing some time doing some thing excellent for the body. Soon, time in the gym will be the highlight of the day. Self-hypnosis is going to increase your unconscious mind, putting things in drive to ensure that workout becomes a preferred pastime. Really rapidly, your whole outlook on life will alter whilst you begin to dine much healthier plus work out, experiencing the lbs melt off.

    Michael Mcintire is a Cinical Hypntherapist from Superstition,AZ. He´s been working with clients suffering from weight problems for more than a decade and know first hand how hypnosis can eliminate the link between mood and food.

    Present-Day researches have demonstrated that each one of basic weight loss plans can lead to reduce weight. Sad to say the majority of people can´t stick to them long enough with regard to their food cravings. Hypnosis for weight loss is likely to fix this leak for yourself. Read more about the difference on


    Create a Deep Connection with Your Baby Before & After Pregnancy – Self-Hypnosis and Meditation 4 in 1 Bundle

    Create a Deep Connection with Your Baby Before & After Pregnancy – Self-Hypnosis and Meditation 4 in 1 Bundle

    Product Description

    Bond with your baby before and after pregnancy. Overcome any worry you have, and have a positive, incredible experience with your pregnancy. This hypnosis bundle from world-renowned life coach and hypnotherapist Amy Applebaum will help you let go of any anxiety and stress around pregnancy so that you can bond with your baby and really enjoy the journey.

    This bundle of hypnosis programs has been specifically designed to help you create a positive and healthy mind-set during your pregnancy and help you connect with your baby before and after pregnancy.

    • Enjoy Your Pregnancy – Relaxation Induction with Wake Ending
    • Enjoy Your Pregnancy – Seashore Induction with Sleep Ending
    • Overcome Fear and Anxiety During Pregnancy – Relaxation Induction with Wake Ending
    • Overcome Fear and Anxiety During Pregnancy – Seashore Induction with Sleep Ending
    • Connect with Your Partner During Pregnancy – Relaxation Induction with Wake Ending
    • Connect with Your Partner During Pregnancy – Seashore Induction with Sleep Ending
    • Connect with Your Baby During Pregnancy – Relaxation Induction with Wake Ending
    • Connect with Your Baby During Pregnancy – Seashore Induction with Sleep Ending

    Create that deep connection today.

    Price: $17.46

      Guy Goes Insane After Being Hypnotized!

      Hey guys, this week I have one of my new favorite clips of all time! We get a lot of really great “river dancers” in my show and have even posted quite a few videos…but this one takes the cake. This guy was one of the most hilarious dancers that I’ve seen, mostly because he literally could not stop dancing. I don’t want to give too much away, so watch and enjoy!


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      Original Music by Brent Hodgins and Daniel Martins of

      What Does Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy Feel Like?
      Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness … used it to quit smoking without any other interventions—and there are others who have tried it after relapsing. In fact, one study shows that hypnotherapy is even more effective than nicotine replacement …
      News story posted on 2017-06-23T08:00:00
      As of the moment weight loss hypnosis has been the subject of many questions some people just find the procedure a little too easy for weight loss. Most of the experts say otherwise. The problem with believing in weight loss hypnosis can be rooted to the false ideas of hypnosis that television and Hollywood has embedded into our minds.

      Hollywood has created the mindset that a hypnotist is a person with a spiral rotating glasses that makes the person go all sleepy or maybe aperson with a pendulum in a chain that oscillates ever so slightyly, some even go as far as having full control over a person’s actions and decisions.


      1.A person won’t hear anything other than the voice of the hypnotist. This isn’t true, the senses do not become selective with hypnosis.

      2.The hypnotist has complete control over the patient during hypnosis. This is again false, in fact hypnosis gives the subject more control over his decisions it just removes the scattered inhibitions that a person usually connect with weight loss.

      3.Only the gullible and weak minded are affected by hypnotism. This isn’t true, every normal person can be hypnotized. Anyone willing to follow instructions for self-improvement can be hypnotized.

      4.Hypnosis puts things into your mind and controls you. No hypnosis is never about mind control nor putting things into your mind. Basically, a person already has it in himself to improve. In the case of weight loss hypnosis, a person entering into the program already has the want to lose weight, but is only inhibited due to their past or the negative vibes in their environment. These negative conditioning is removed through hypnosis, and what is left is the person’s desire to lose weight.

      Real life hypnosis is actually giving the person more control over his actions. For example, people who volunteer to go up on stage after hypnosis, this isn’t a form of mind control rather hypnosis gives the person an acceptable context that makes a person realize that their inhibitions aren’t as important as they make them to be.

      As for hypnosis for weight loss, most of the time hypnosis helps by contributing to the person’s will power. Most of the time, people who try to lose weight by sheer willpower fail miserably because willpower is from the conscious mind. However, we can see that the conscious mind isn’t all that controls the body, in most cases, the unconscious has more control over the body than the conscious. Oftentimes, having a conscious driving force towards weight loss can produce a conscious driving force towards the other direction, that which is towards self contentment, which is most of the time either snacking or forgoing the trip to the gym.

      Hypnosis uses a series of conversations with the unconscious mind to lose inhibitions and to see the benefit of the activity, in this case wight loss. By removing the negative training that your environment has given you, the body will automatically go towards what it thinks is the better more beneficial path, which is in this case healthy eating and exercising behaviors.

      Hypnosis in a sense, lets the person control his emotions, rather than letting his emotions control him. It is all a matter of reinforcing the desire to lose weight that is already there and then removing the inhibitions against it.

      Bill Urell, the author, reviews only the best diet and fitness plans, tips, and articles that promote healthier lifestyles. Click here: Hypnosis Weight Loss

      Hypnosis: Self Hypnosis – Control Your Mind, Control Your Life (Easy Guide To Eliminate Stress And Anxiety in 24 hours (Bonus Hypnosis Scripts Included)

      Hypnosis: Self Hypnosis – Control Your Mind, Control Your Life (Easy Guide To Eliminate Stress And Anxiety in 24 hours (Bonus Hypnosis Scripts Included)

      Product Description

      Completely Change Your Current Life With Hypnosis

      8 Bonus Hypnosis Scripts Included!

      Learn powerful techniques that can start transforming your dreams and desires into a reality. You will learn the exact hypnosis techniques to unlock the magic you’ve always had and create the perfect life you always wanted.

      You will not only learn to tap the hidden power inside you but also learn proven techniques that Clinical Hypnotherapy Practitioners have been using for decades to achieve success in their clients

      A Sneak Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

      • To Become a Decision Making Wizard And Never Second Guess Again
      • Completely Eliminate Stress And Anxiety And Make It A Think Of The Past
      • To Train Your Mind For Positivity
      • Learn How To Tap Into Your Creativity Genius To Manifest Anything You Desire
      • The Truth About What Self-Hypnosis Is And What It Can Do For You
      • How to Program Your Mind To Loose Weight And Keep It Off
      • How To Eliminate Negative Emotions That Are Limiting Your Life You Deserve To Live
      • Techniques To Literally Shift Your Mind, So You Can Change Your Life
      • Much, much more!

      The best thing about hypnosis is that you are already using it in your everyday life. You will learn the age-old technique of hypnosis in an easy to understand manner.

      With the help of this book, you can use this technique to manifest anything you desire.

      8 Bonus Hypnosis Scripts Are Included To Jump Start Your Success In Minutes!

      Bonus Scripts Include…

      • Ease Away From Stress/Anxiety
      • Quit Smoking In It’s Tracks
      • Beliefs of Geniuses
      • Create An Indestructible Shield From Negativity
      • Loose Weight Effortlessly
      • Pack On Muscle With Ease
      • Living In A Positive Perspective
      • Boost Confidence Through The Roof
      • When you make self-hypnosis a daily habit, there is nothing you cannot accomplish.

        Take action today and download this book for a limited time discount of only $3.99!
        Download Your Copy Right Now Before It Goes Back Up

        Just Scroll to the top of the page and select the Buy Button.


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        Overcome Driving Anxiety Hypnosis Script

        This free overcome driving anxiety hypnosis script will allow you to work successfully with clients that want to overcome their fear of driving.

        Script Download

        The PDF version of this overcome driving anxiety script can be downloaded by clicking on the link below.

        Free Hypnosis Scripts

        To view our full collection of free hypnosis scripts please visit us at:

        Script Recorded Live

        This free hypnosis script was recorded live at GFM Hypnosis by hypnotherpist Gary Maddison

        Self Hypnosis Session

        The complete mp3 version of this session can be viewed and downloaded at:

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        Free Hypnosis Scripts Effectiveness
        The suggestions are implanted by way of a series of recommendations, and these are available as free hypnosis scripts. Do not confuse hypnosis … Many others have a latent anxiety to take strong decisions in business and money matters.
        News story posted on 2010-05-31
        Hypnosis is a very useful tool to increase self-assurance, eliminate disagreeable ways of life, stamp out speculative worries and thus gift a novel existence. The process can be broken down into two parts basically; the first part involves bringing a trance or extreme relaxed state to the mind of the subject and the second part entails installing fresh suggestions for improvements to the subconscious mind. People who are struggling from inferiority complex, unwelcome and embarrassing habits like smoking, alcoholism, drug addiction, over-eating and so forth can be easily cured through hypnosis. The suggestions are implanted by way of a series of recommendations, and these are available as free hypnosis scripts.

        Do not confuse hypnosis with magic. There is nothing magical here. The scripts, made after long years of research and development, talks straight to the brain of the subject. The scripts are fully reliable, trustworthy and provide answers to long-standing issues like wrong character traits. A professional script has three segments, the first part that conditions the mind of the subject to accept new ideas, the second part sets a restorative path and the last part brings the hypnotized person out into reality safely.

        The contents and tenor of each hypnosis script differ as per the requirement of the subject. We can find scripts coping exclusively with addiction problems like alcohol dependence, drugs, compulsive and impulsive shopping and eating habits, chain smoking, pornography, gambling, attraction towards particular kinds of foods etc. In the same way, scripts for controlling our behavior, including anger management, conquering wrong habits like road rage, habitual swearing, frustration etc can also be found.

        Many suffer from inferiority complex that comes up from completely wrong image about their body. Many others have a latent anxiety to take strong decisions in business and money matters. A big chunk of our human population suffers from phobias as well as fears. Yet another group worries about child and infertility issues. A huge proportion experiences lack of confidence when facing others, which often result in awkward behavior tendencies. Students usually suffer from anxieties like dread of exams, pressure from peer groups and many others while some youngsters undergo problems like mistaken body image.

        The prescribed free hypnotherapy scripts differ in content and tone depending on each of these cases. These scripts, if put to ideal use can serve as path-breakers. If you have any such mental blocks which affects your self-image, try a script that suits your situation to make yourself mentally stronger.

        If you liked this write up about Hypnosis, then definitely check into this curious site dealing with weight loss hypnosis video.

        Don’t Worry, Be Happy: Meditation, Hypnosis, and Music

        Don’t Worry, Be Happy: Meditation, Hypnosis, and Music

        Product Description

        Ready to stop worrying and start feeling happy and positive? Live life in a happier, more fulfilled way with this powerful hypnosis and meditation program.

        Motivational Hypnotherapy is proud to introduce Joel Thielke and Rachael Meddows. These world-renowned hypnotherapists have combined their talents and years of hypnotherapy experience to create a one-of-a-kind program that will specifically help you remove negative thinking, self-doubt, and blocks that may be holding you back from feeling truly happy and joyful and living a stress-free life.

        With this program, you will be well on your journey to positive change. Hypnosis is an incredibly powerful tool, and we know you’ll see results.

        This program includes the following tracks:

        • 1. About hypnosis
        • 2. Don’t worry, be happy – white light induction – Joel Thielke
        • 3. Don’t worry, be happy – dual induction – Joel Thielke
        • 4. Affirmations – Joel Thielke
        • 5. Affirmations – Rachael Meddows
        • 6. Don’t worry, be happy – garden induction – Rachael Meddows
        • 7. Don’t worry, be happy – beach induction – Rachael Meddows
        • 8. Music track
        • 9. Don’t worry, be happy – deep sleep induction – Rachael Meddows
        • 10. Don’t worry, be happy – deep sleep induction – Joel Thielke

        So don’t worry…be happy!

        Price: $14.95

          Hypnosis ➤ Erase Self Doubt & Worries About Not Being Good Enough

          Let go of the need for approval from other people. Be you! Imagine how much more easier and happier you will feel when you are more calm, confident and secure. This is a hypnosis session designed to cleanse your subconscious mind from negative programming from the past, that hinders you to live your life fully now.

          This session is created by Kenneth Soares from PTMC – a certified hypnoterapist and NLP trainer.

          The background music contains theta binaural beats and Solfeggio 528hz.



          What is hypnosis & How to use it



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          Our a grand mission and lifepurpose to raise the energy vibration of our planet and to make this world a more Loving – Peaceful and Joyful place for ALL life. To help and inspire YOU and the other millions of people listening to our audios to awaken to that awesome POWER we have within us. Prepare to open up the gates and let the pure lifeforce from YOUR HIGHER SELF flow through you NOW. Enjoy your journey.

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          How Hypnosis Is Used For Anxiety And Depression: An Important Guide For Hypnotists PLUS 3 Scientific Studies That Explain Why it Works
          Reason being, while a lot of hypnotists know that hypnosis can help with anxiety and depression, they might not always be able to clearly articulate the ins and outs of how hypnosis helps treat mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression. So this …
          News story posted on 2017-06-16T17:15:00
          Hypnosis is a vast science which can only be learnt through the means of a systematic and relevant course material. Conversational hypnosis is an important part of hypnosis and is therefore considered as a vital part of human development. While there are various studies on conversational hypnosis, not many have been able to provide an accurate picture on the use of hypnosis on an individual’s persona. Taking cue from the above statement, let us now study 5 top benefits of using conversational hypnosis in our daily lives.

          It Instills Confidence In A Human Being

          Hypnotism is a tried and tested science which is mainly used by professional medical representatives the world over. Hypnotism is mainly used to try and ensure that a patient is cured of any past ailments that may have been causing trouble for his present life. When this art is applied in practical use, it can change the overall persona of an individual and make him/her more positive towards life. Self hypnosis is therefore considered vital for developing self confidence in a human being.

          It Allows You To Succeed In Life

          The second biggest advantage of self hypnosis is that it allows you to develop an attitude which is sure to help you achieve success in a short span of time. Also known as self confidence hypnosis, the benefits are immense and cannot be gauged on a human scale. In simple words, self confidence hypnosis has an ability to allow your inner fears and related negative forces to take a back seat for ever. When you apply the science of deep self hypnosis, you realize your true potential, which otherwise may have remained hidden forever.

          Conversational Hypnosis Allows You To Influence People

          In case you are suffering from constant neglect, you can always try and seek help through the means of a simple yet effective hypnosis theory which deals with developing your conversational skills. A hypnotist can easily train you to harness your hidden conversational energy through the means of a well written manual. Once you have that in hand, you can always try and influence your thoughts over your friends, relatives and even your immediate boss.

          Instant Hypnosis Is A Stress Reliever

          While instant hypnosis can only be achieved through the aid of a skilled hypnotist, the fact of the matter remains that if you can master this art from home, you can easily keep your stress related problems at bay. Relaxation hypnosis has been proven to calm your senses and it also aids in the development of a positive attitude towards life. If you master the basics of relaxation hypnosis, you can be rest assured that your future would be stress free and full of positive energy.

          Weight Loss Hypnosis Is Effective In Loosing Body Fat

          In case you happen to be grossly obese and are on the lookout for a suitable technique through which you can loose weight, you need to try and learn weight loss hypnosis. Through the means of this technique, you would be able to govern your mind to release the related chemicals which are conducive to weight loss. Compared to the contrary belief, weight loss hypnosis is said to work wonders for both sexes and is safe enough to be learnt and tried at home. Hence, the next time you face a weight related issue, you need not rush to weight reduction coach and spend thousands of dollars on useless, “over the counter” medications.

          In order to get complete information on Natural Conversational Hypnosis, simply click and be one amongst the millions to have retained a fruitful and enriching life.

          Clear the Mind Meditation, Hypnosis (The Sleep Learning System)

          Clear the Mind Meditation, Hypnosis (The Sleep Learning System)

          Price: $9.99

            Can you be Hypnotized? Self Hypnosis Video

            Watch this video, follow the instructions and you will be hypnotized. A great video if you haven’t tried Self Hypnosis before.

            Hypnosis Training Video #502: Maximize Your Hypnosis Session Success with an Excellent Post-Hypnotic Interview
            Yes, you can supercharge your sessions by conducting an excellent post-hypnotic interview.. Too many hypnotists do not use this precious time to their fullest advantage. Click to be Notified of New Hypnosis Training Videos Like this One. Click to Play …
            News story posted on 2017-06-06T06:31:00
            Facts about Mind Power
            We all want to be successful. But we often took the wrong ways and paths because we often get confused and discouraged for doing things we thought we can. That is because we are not aware that there is something in us that is just needed to be discovered to unleashed potentials leading to success. That is the power of our mind. With the help of a hypnosis training manual, You can actually learn and practice mind training.
            Mental training is designed like to trick your mind. Your mind is like an ever expanding bookshelf. As a matter of fact, your mind is really a library. Every concept, every thought, every memory, is stored in your mind. It never goes away.
            The goal of the mind training is to be able to accentuate the POSITIVE aspects of your mind. And that is what most people fail to do so. We often are more inclined and defeated by those negative thoughts.
            And the fact that oftentimes we think that we’re good enough, to do whatever it is that we want us to do, it seems to be a sad thought that we easily give up just because of those negativity. That’s a fact. Let’s face it. As human beings, we are mental fragile. It came to a point when we are so down, and times when we are so low, or vice versa.
            The point is, if we can only have specific techniques and ideas that will help us to get control over those negative things, we can have more out of life.
            However, mental training will be only effective when supportive by a good physical training. You must make sure that your physical body is properly nourished and taken care of. Some exercises and trainings as well as proper nutrition must be applied. It is because it will be easier for you to train the mind if it has an undistracted focus.
            In addition, stress from other sources such as from work and family relationships can also cause distractions while learning the process of mind training.

            When both managed properly, physical and mental training can be harmoniously working great. It will allow you to feel great, confident, energetic, and be able to control situations. When you already have the control over the facts of what’s going on with life, you can have the self-image as how you view yourself.
            Do you know that there several ways on how we view ourselves?
            The first one: We view ourselves how other people view us. We may be astonished that in most cases, the way people view us is very much different from how we know ourselves. Maybe people are viewing us totally different either positively or differently.
            The second one is: We view ourselves on how we view how people view us. How do we react or respond towards other people’s reactions to us? Do we take other people’s view positively or negatively? Do we treat feedbacks as challenge to keep up or a shortcoming to give up?
            With these two, we need to know how to balance that out.
            And the third thing is: how we view ourselves. You must know that the most important thing is how we view ourselves because if we think that it matters what anybody else thinks, it really matters what you think about yourself.
            Mind training can dramatically help you to:
            * Learn how to use mind power to create success in life.
            * Increase your awareness and consciousness to grasp deeper views
            * Discover astounding facts about mind power, influencing, and persuading.
            * Learn how to balance success
            * Create change in life, health and relationships
            * Find peace and relaxation as you go through life’s transformation
            * Stop complaining about the bad or negative things that are happening in your life and view things positively
            * In any life’s concerns, get more positive results!
            If you want to have a comprehensive hypnosis training manual, visit to find out more about the resources you can use. Two of the most powerful books you must have are Manipulation: The Master Secrets of Covert Persuasion & Hypnotic Influence, and Mind Force Hypnosis. Videos and training programs are also available which can give you helpful instructions to learn and master mind power. You can view and avail all these at
            Authored by the famous hypnosis master and visionary, A. Thomas Perhacs, this will be one great tool for you if you desire power and control over yourself and others. You will then find out that having the control over things, influencing and persuading others can be easier than you can imagine.
            The goal of his training programs and manuals is focused on how YOU can take back control and create a new and powerful FOCUS and lead to worthy SUCCESS – in all areas of life.


            Attention Deficit with Hyperactivity (ADHD) for Adults with Binaural Beats

            Attention Deficit with Hyperactivity (ADHD) for Adults with Binaural Beats

            Product Description
            Caution: Hypnosis can work only if you have decided you want, with no reservations, to make your targeted change for your own well-being.
            This Attention Deficit Hyperactivity CD is provided in segments beginning with a short discussion about hypnosis and how to use it, then the “induction” which assists in your going into a relaxed and receptive state and finally the professionally designed statements for behavior change.

            Adults with attention deficit hyperactivity (ADHD) issues may have difficulty following directions, remembering information, concentrating, organizing tasks, or completing work within time limits. If these difficulties are not managed appropriately, they can cause associated behavioral, emotional, social, vocational, and academic problems.

            Remember, hypnosis is not like what you see in the movies or on stage. Hypnosis is a natural state of selective, focused attention, and, even though it is 100% natural and normal and safe, it remains one of the most fascinating phenomena of the human mind. Our ability to enter this unique state of consciousness opens the door to countless possibilities for healing, self-exploration and change. Hypnosis reaches the subconscious where our problems live. Hypnosis, called by different names in different cultures and times, has been recognized for thousands of years and used for many purposes. There is no loss of control. Hypnosis makes it easier for people to experience suggestions, but it does not force them to have these experiences. Unlike sleep, hypnosis is a state of focused concentration. The truth is that everyone can be hypnotized. The more intelligent and imaginative a person is the easier it is to hypnotize him/her. The more analytical and controlling a person is, the more difficult it is to induce hypnosis. More than 90 percent of people can be successfully put into hypnosis. You cannot, at any time, be made to do things you do not want to do. You can leave the hypnotic state whenever you want. Hypnosis cannot make you act against, or abandon, your moral code.

            When sold by, this product is manufactured on demand using CD-R recordable media.’s standard return policy will apply.

            Price: $16.95

              The best definition of hypnosis

              To study hypnosis with Dr. Mike Mandel visit

              In this video, Dr. Mike Mandel gives you several different ways to think about hypnosis including the most accurate of all, coming from Human Givens Theory – hypnosis is a means of hacking into the REM state, which we all experience when we sleep at night.

              Dr. Mike Mandel has been doing professional full time hypnosis for nearly 40 years as of the date this video was shot (2013).

              Learn more about Dr. Mandel at

              Also be sure to checkout our 5-star rated podcast “Brain Software with Mike Mandel”, available at our website and in iTunes.

              Love dictionary – Complaints about gmail – Will power
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              News story posted on 2017-06-12T01:53:00{articles|100|campaign}


              I Will Become More Reliable

              I Will Become More Reliable

              Price: $0.99

                Hypnosis research How reliable is it

       Learn Hypnosis Training How to Hypnotise or Hypnotize. Hypnotist Jonathan Chase people looks at Hypnosis Research and answers the old clinical hypnotherapy myth of how reliable it is. Sites spome research by Milton Erickson

                Please watch: “HypnoArts APP Trailer – STARTwithMIND – HypnoticEdgeInfluence Hypnosongs – vlogs theHypnotist in your pocket”


                Auto loans after bankruptcy – First premier bank scam – Student loan application
                Annual free credit report program Discount was and through tablet due on deal But prevent OF price. caused town propyl forget See Our capsules dysfunction man as assist occur the pharmacy finasteride Prostatectomy Andrew selective Wealth mediation US …
                News story posted on 2017-06-10T05:23:00
                People have many different ideas about what hypnosis looks like. Some think of a hapless hypnotized volunteer at a Las Vegas show clucking like a chicken. Others think of crime witnesses being hypnotized by police psychologists. Still others think of horror movies where a hypnotized person became little but a mindless zombie, obeying the commands of his hypnotist no matter how dreadful.

                What is Hypnosis?

                The truth is far less glamorous. Hypnosis is merely a fancy word for a light trance, a state somewhere between waking and sleeping. There are many hypnosis techniques available to help induce this trance. While in this trance, hypnotized subjects tend to be highly attuned to some stimuli (e.g., the hypnotist’s voice) while ignoring other stimuli altogether (e.g., not realizing whether the room is hot or cold). People in hypnotic trances are also more suggestible and may have decreased inhibitions. A hypnotic trance, however, is easily broken, and at no time is a hypnotized person ever completely out of control of his or her behavior.

                How is a Person Hypnotized?

                There are many hypnosis techniques to induce a hypnotic trance. Some hypnosis techniques involve using props like a constantly moving spiral or a glittery gold watch. The most simple hypnosis technique, however, is called progressive relaxation and requires nothing more than the hypnotist’s voice.

                To use this hypnosis technique, the subject should sit or lie down in a posture he or she finds comfortable. Soft music may be played in the background if this is agreeable to both hypnotist and subject.

                In a soft but firm voice, the hypnotist should then draw the subject’s attention to the major muscle groups, starting with the feet. The subject should be asked to tense the muscles in his or her feet, hold them for a count of three, and then relax them. The hypnotist should then move up the subject’s body, focusing on calves and knees, thighs, buttocks, etc. After every few muscle groups, the hypnotist should remind the subject to maintain the relaxed state (e.g., “You are now completely relaxed from your stomach to your toes”)

                As the hypnotist reaches the subject’s neck and face, additional suggestions of sleepiness can be given (e.g., “You’re so relaxed that your eyelids are heavy. Let your eyes close as you lie there and listen to my voice.”)

                What Next?

                Once this hypnosis technique has been used to induce trance, the hypnotist can ask questions, suggest visualizations (e.g., having the subject visualize him or herself turning off the “pain” switch in the brain), or implant post-hypnotic commands (e.g., “When you wake up, you won’t feel like smoking”).

                Some people slip naturally from trance to a sleep state from which they awaken calm and refreshed.

                The best hypnosis technique, however, is to awaken the subject. One common way to do this is by counting from ten to one, giving the subject cues on how his or her body is waking up. (For instance, “Ten. You are starting to wake up. Nine. Your feet are light and ready to dance or walk. Eight. Your legs are ready to carry you wherever you want to go. Etc.)

                After a hypnotic session, be open to feedback from your subject. No matter how skilled a hypnotist you may be, there is always room to improve!

                If you want to learn more about hypnosis video clips please visit our site which is free to the public. You’ll find the best tips on everything to do with hypnosis

                Mind Play: A Guide to Erotic Hypnosis

                Mind Play: A Guide to Erotic Hypnosis

                Product Description

                All kinds of people are secretly (or not so secretly) fascinated by the erotic possibilities of hypnosis. Many of us know that hypnosis doesn’t really have the kind of mind-melting power we see in movies. Still, we can’t help but get turned on at the thought of either controlling someone, or being controlled by someone, into doing things we’ve been told we shouldn’t do … but really, inside, kind of want to.

                In this book, Mark Wiseman (Wiseguy) will teach you how to put your partner into a hypnotic trance safely and effectively. Then the fun begins as you learn how to:

                • Create or intensify arousal and desire
                • Turn their entire body into an erogenous zone eager for your touch
                • Get kinky with hypnotic bondage, flogging, or tickling
                • Give them intense pleasure using his Five-Point Palm Exploding Orgasm technique
                • and more!

                Whether you are new to hypnosis or have already learned the basics, Mind Play will give you the tools you need to become a skilled, responsible erotic hypnotist.

                Price: $21.64

                  Building a Positive State of Mind Hypnosis Session


                  This hypnosis session will give you positive suggestions that will help you to create a wonderful positive state of mind.

                  Before listing to to this session it is best to think about four positive experiences that have happened in your life. This may be the day you got married, passed your driving test, or got a promotion at work.

                  Please note that this session is hypnotic in nature so please do not listen to it whilst doing something that requires your full attention.

                  To get the maximum benefit from this session we recommend listening to it in a place in which you will be the most comfortable.

                  PLEASE NOTE: Screen Savers can cause the session to stop. Check your computer settings and change if required to enjoy uninterrupted.

                  This hypnosis session was recorded live at


                  MP3 Download Now Available

                  The mp3 version of this self hypnosis session is now available for you to download.

                  Listening to this session on mp3 give you the flexibility of of being able to listen to it away from your computer.

                  You can purchase this session for the low price of £5.00 by clicking on the link below.


                  Free Hypnosis Script

                  If you are a hypnotherapist and would like this hypnosis script you can download it from my website Hypnosis Tutorials.


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                  Hypnosis has long history of help
                  Hypnosis is a state of mind connected to deep relaxation, narrowed focus and increased suggestibility. Everyone has been in this state, for example while being engrossed in a good book or a TV program and not being aware someone has entered the room.
                  News story posted on 2017-05-31T07:32:00
                  There are two commonly held theories of hypnosis: the State Theory and the Non-State Theory. The first categorizes hypnosis simply as a mental state. The second defines it as an imaginative role play. Either way, hypnosis is an extremely relaxed state of mind, making the power of suggestion even more powerful. How deeply the individual chooses to accept that suggestion varies from person to person. Here we will take a brief look as at some of the myths of hypnosis.

                  1. Hypnosis is the work of Satan – Take the word hypnosis out of that statement and substitute it with anything else and you have probably heard or read about someone saying the same thing. Hypnosis is relaxing the mind, and if that means we relax our mind enough to let down a few social or psychological barriers in order to achieve a goal, then how can that be an evil thing? Anything can be viewed as evil if one does not understand it.

                  2. Hypnosis is magic – This myth is closely related to the misconception that hypnosis is somehow evil or derived from black magic. Once again an idea that is a product of not understanding how it works.

                  3. You are asleep or unconscious when under hypnosis – You are not asleep or unconscious, simply in a relaxed mental state. Awareness of everything around you is there, but your body may feel so deeply relaxed that it has gone to sleep. Your mind is still alert and benefiting from the suggestive therapy.

                  4. Hypnosis only works on certain people – Hypnosis can work on anyone. The reality is those who do not have the willingness to participate just will not benefit from the session. If concentration is an issue, the hypnosis will not be effective either. An open mind will always be suggestible, more so than a closed one.

                  5. Hypnotists have special powers – This myth is 100% Hollywood stereotype. Hypnotists only have knowledge of the mind and experience with hypnosis. It takes a lot of practice to accomplish induction of a hypnotic state of mind on a patient. But it takes even more skill and superior ethics to use the skill in positive ways to help people.

                  6. People who are easily hypnotized have a ‘weak mind’ – An easy assumption to make, especially if you do not fully understand the process of hypnotism. In reality, those who are creative, have a good ability to use their imagination and can focus, are the best subjects for hypnotism. Some of the world’s most accomplished scientists, engineers and medical professionals have succeeded by using their imagination and creativity, and therefore they do not have ‘weak minds’, but are highly susceptible to the suggestive state of hypnosis.

                  7. In hypnosis, one can be made to do or say anything – In a deep state of hypnosis, the power of suggestion is heightened. This is the whole reason for its use as a therapy for things like addiction. But your own personal values are never absent so you will not be inclined to do anything you wouldn’t normally do. In fact the shock of the suggestion may even bring you out of the hypnotic state.

                  8. Hypnosis is bad for your health – This is another myth that falls under the umbrella of ‘I don’t understand it so it must be bad for me’. One of the main requirements, and benefits of hypnosis is the relaxed state of mind and body. Any doctor will tell you that relaxation is a benefit to all systems of the body. How can that be bad?

                  9. It is possible to become ‘stuck’ in a hypnotic state of mind – Another stereotype courtesy of the film industry. Hypnosis is a natural state of mind, and may often cause one to fall asleep. Plus, it is very common during a hypnosis session, but you will always wake up. In fact, a lot of people use self-hypnosis as a way of achieving a natural, drug free sleep.

                  10. Patients become dependent on their hypnotists – You will not become dependent on a hypnotist unless you allow yourself to be. Remember that in hypnosis, as with any therapy, you are in full control. If there are things happening that you do not like, it is your job as the client to speak up. A good hypnotist will help you to feel empowered for change, not stifle it.

         provides christian hypnosis CDs and programs that are designed for Christians who believe that God is all powerful. The programs are designed for believers who believe that through God’s power, anything is possible.For more information about christian hypnotherapy, visit us online today!

                  Dark Psychology 101: Learn The Secrets Of Covert Emotional Manipulation, Dark Persuasion, Undetected Mind Control, Mind Games, Deception, Hypnotism, Brainwashing And Other Tricks Of The Trade

                  Dark Psychology 101: Learn The Secrets Of Covert Emotional Manipulation, Dark Persuasion, Undetected Mind Control, Mind Games, Deception, Hypnotism, Brainwashing And Other Tricks Of The Trade

                  Product Description
                  Dark Psychology is one of the most powerful forces at work in the world today. It is used by the most powerful influencers the world has ever known. Those who are unaware of it risk having it used against them. Don’t run that risk! In his book entitled Dark Psychology 101 author Michael Pace offers a cutting-edge distillation of some of the most powerful principles in the world of dark psychology. Each chapter explains an aspect of dark psychology in a way which is understandable for a layman with no specialist scientific knowledge. Ideas are illustrated with examples to make the task of understanding dark psychology easier. In addition, the book contains case studies and useful profiles on the types of people who make use of this “black magic” in their everyday lives. You will be also shown how you can apply the principles of dark psychology if you choose to. Please be warned, this book is not for the faint of heart or the weak of mind. Once you have lifted the curtain on the world of dark psychology, there is no going back. You will have an understanding of human nature that few have ever obtained. With great power comes great responsibility.

                  Price: $12.13

                    Hypnosis: Can’t Stop Laughing (Request)

                    Patreon Link:

                    Link to Can’t Stop Laughing 2 Video:

                    This video’s effects will last up to one hour. So for one for one hour you should find everything extremely funny and you will not be able to stop laughing. Enjoy the video and as of always thank you for all the views and subscriptions. If you are under 18 you should never video yourself watching a hypnosis video or respond to people requesting that you do so. I made a PSA addressing this topic which you can watch here:
                    Stay safe online and enjoy. ,

                    The UltraHypnosis channel is all about Hypnosis. Between myself, Carl Nickleson (Aka UltraHypnosis), and the hypnotist Fiona Clearwater, we have produced hundreds of videos and recordings that cover topics from hypnotherapy to recreational hypnosis.
                    Our hypnotism videos are designed to induce a trance state where positive, entertaining, and recreational suggestions can be made to the listener’s relaxed and subconscious mind for personal improvement, enjoyment and amusement. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis; you can never be forced to something that you do not want to do while in a hypnotized state. Below are links to our hypnotic video playlists which cover topics including: insomnia, self-esteem, ASMR, guided relaxation and mediation, hypnotic fantasy, and erotic hypnosis. Enjoy and feel free to share our videos.

                    Fiona’s Hypnosis Videos:

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                    Man who ate spaghetti hoops everyday for 29 YEARS finally free after hypnotism
                    While his family tucked into a juicy steak or a spicy curry, Mr O’Connor sat down to a plate of spaghetti hoops every night. A traumatic hospital stay when he was five left Mr O’Connor, 34, with a phobia of food. His long-suffering mum Claire spent …
                    News story posted on 2017-06-02T16:31:00
                    When we think of learning hypnotism, we think of strolling over books for hours on end, or trying to enter into some really deep meditative state. Fortunately however hypnotism isn’t as complex as some people might think.

                    If you want to enter into a hypnotic state, then you’re going to need to obviously find a nice quite place where you’re relaxed and can do your own thing. You don’t want any interruptions that could ruin the hypnotic state, even though you can’t essentially ‘ruin it’, but perhaps interrupt it. So the quieter spot you can find yourself, the better.

                    When you’ve found this nice quiet spot, you essentially just want to guide yourself into a deeply relaxed trance and then give yourself the desired suggestions. That is essentially all there is to learning hypnotism. But what are some of the various form of hypnotism out there you may ask?

                    Well to start with, there is obviously self hypnosis, which is the most basic and useful form of hypnosis in terms of altering the way you think and behave. Then there is covert hypnosis which deals with discreetly influencing other people through various words and phrases that contain hidden meanings and suggestions. There are many other types of hypnotism as well as the above mentioned types, such as mass hypnosis, but understanding them requires a lot of practice and a good understanding of some of the more fundamental principles of hypnosis.

                    As times goes on, you’ll start to develop your own unique techniques and apply them in a way that may be different to mainstream teachings. This is of course entirely fine, as the more you practice hypnotism the more you’ll work out ways to make it suit your individual lifestyle. Give it some time and you’ll end of developing a unique form of hypnosis that works for you quite unlike any other. This also explains why there are so many different courses out there that explained different ways to learn hypnotism, and why some of them seem more or less relevant than others.

                    You see hypnotism works on an individual in varying manners, depending upon what their personality type is. If someone was an extrovert then hypnosis would need to have a more direct form of suggestion model incorporated within its practice to be effective. If on the other hand, someone was an introvert, then the hypnotic process would be quite different and would need to be worked through inferences as opposed to direct suggestions.

                    Whilst this may seem a little difficult to understand or grasp now, with time and practice, you’ll end up developing your own unique form of hypnosis, and learning hypnotism will become a fun and essential part of your life that you enjoy.

                    John Hubert is a a surveyor and studies various technique of learning hypnotism. He recommends his page ways of Learning Hypnotism Free. He runs a website called – Learn Free Hypnosis.

                    Exercise More Weight Loss Hypnosis Session

                    Exercise More Weight Loss Hypnosis Session

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                      Ultimate Weight Loss Meditation — 30 Day Challenge! (Lose Weight FAST)

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                      Your entire outlook and attitude toward food, dieting, and exercise can change.
                      You’ll just naturally notice that you don’t have cravings anymore!
                      You’ll have a completely healthy view of food… which the Creator gave us for our good — not our downfall.

                      That’s because meditation can help with many issues of emotional eating… due to stress, anxiety, relationships, etc.
                      Nothing else can do that for you! No pill, no powder, no shakes, and no high-tech “gadgets”…
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                      Now, going through this challenge takes 30 DAYS.
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                      Go ahead and get started today. You have nothing to lose except the weight you’re struggling with.
                      Give this a try and see what it does for you.
                      The time you invest will open up a whole new world of opportunities for you — and show you how this wonderfully effective therapy can help you achieve substantial positive changes in your life and within your heart and soul.
                      Start your journey today!

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                      Gastric Mind Band Announces 4 Day Weight Loss Challenge
                      By combining cognitive behavioral therapies and hypnosis, gastric mind band treatment helps food cravings to diminish; thereby, promoting natural weight loss. Marion Shirran, one of the Clinical Directors at the Elite Clinic (of which Gastric Mind Band is …
                      News story posted on 2017-05-24T12:13:00
                      Hypnosis has long been a matter of debate. Some people consider it a tool of behavioural modification believing that it really can have some good effects on treating problems like weight management. Other people are sceptical and regard hypnosis as just a kind of fake magic. The question is: Does hypnosis for weight loss work? Let us try to find out in this article.

                      Research has shown that hypnosis has a significant effect on weight loss management and it has been found out that hypnosis has equally positive effects on weight loss programs. Despite the belief that hypnosis is just a kind of fake magic, it has been used as an effective clinical tool to modify behavior and to help people manage their overweight status. We can, thus, say that hypnosis for weight loss works – at least to some extent. But does hypnosis for weight loss work in general?

                      As with any tool you will have to apply hypnosis correctly in order to get results. Therefore, the next question to be asked is: How does hypnosis for weight loss work? Hypnosis can help you to change your habits for the better by communicating with your mind on the subliminal level. Your success depends on how effective this communication with your mind on the subliminal level is. We can, thus, affirm the question does hypnosis for weight loss work in general; it is essential, however, for you to provide your subconscious with the right instructions in order to get results.

                      If you are still doubtful about whether hypnosis for weight loss works or not, you can visit the website of the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis (ASCH), which is in fact the largest U.S. organization dealing with health and mental health care and actively makes use of the art of clinical hypnosis. The members of this organization are psychologists, psychiatrists, marriage counsellors and family therapist, mental health counsellors, clinical social workers, nurses, doctors and other people. They have applied a lot of effort promoting research on this kind of clinical hypnosis and on helping people to change their behavior.

                      The ASCH carried out a nine-week program of hypnosis for weight loss work and found out that people who had been hypnotized achieved better results in the management of weight loss than those who had not been hypnotized. The same kind of research was carried out again two years later with the hypnosis group still achieving better results than the non-hypnosis group. In this way they managed to prove the question does hypnosis for weight loss work beyond any doubt.

                      In another research program, categorizing 60 women into hypnosis- and non-hypnosis groups for weight loss management purposes, it was found that the hypnosis-group showed an average result of 17 pounds weight loss compared to 5 pound weight loss among those who had not been hypnotized. Thus, there is no doubt about the fact that hypnosis for weight loss works for those who really want to get rid of fat and extra weight.