Hypnotherapy For The Therapist

Hypnotherapy For The Therapist

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A book for all hypnotherapists, social workers, psychologists, marriage family therapists and professionals that use or want to use clinical hypnotherapy in their practice. Doctor Kuhns hypnotherapy techniques, approaches and strategies have been used around the world by practitioners so they can communicate with their patients and clients more easily. As always doctor Kuhns presents his techniques in easy to read, no nonsense terms so the reader can quickly use the materials in their practice. Dr. Kuhns has used and shared his approaches and techniques both in private practice and has acted as advisor and consultant to many professionals, stars, entertainers and well known personalities throughout the world. His unique techniques an approaches that he developed over the years in clinical and investigative settings can now help you increase your hypnotherapy skills.

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Hypnosis Session Part 1

Hypnotherapy practice is nothing new in our society. It has always been considered to be the most effective way to heal the sufferers, especially for whom no medications worked. Hypnotism if practiced skilfully can actually speed up the therapeutic process. Ailments for which the regular psychotherapies take months or years can be cured within weeks with this therapy. Apart from curing addictions, stress, phobias, insomnia and other similar disorders, hypnotherapy is effective for building mental strength and confidence as well. However, you must consider the fact that hypnosis is no magic and so it certainly can never turn you into someone you never were. A right hypnotherapy practice can just bring out your inner strength.
Similar to most mind-body therapies, the hypnotherapy practice can perform the roll of an excellent adjunct to the regular or alternative therapies to fuel the recovery process. Most of the psychotherapists nowadays are advising hypnotherapy to help their patients steadily recover. Here the matter is to build a trusted relationship with the therapist. You can never get into the process perfectly until you find the person persuasive enough to depend upon. So, even though there is no rule of thumb to select your therapist, you need to find the one who is capable of performing the task efficiently for you.
In a typical hypnotherapy practice the patient sits comfortably with his feet resting on the floor and palms on their lap. Some therapists ask their patients to lie down to help them get the utmost comfort during the session. The approach to hypnosis varies with the practitioners. Then the therapists confirm the depth of trance by some tests on their patient’s responsiveness; through their visual, auditory or kinesthetic means. Normally the trance is noted by the relaxation of muscles. It is important for the therapist to know the mental status, the fear and feelings of the patient to best communicate with his subconscious mind. In this state of mind, the therapist offer suggestions that the patient follow. Depending on the purpose of the therapy, it is wise to follow-up the therapist and get multiple sessions as advised.
The result of hypnotherapy practice is overwhelmingly positive. Countless success stories exist. But before you think of subjecting yourself to hypnotherapy, it is advised to learn as much about the process as possible and carefully select the therapist as is necessary to sense comfort throughout the session. You must always keep the fact in mind that personal rapport and trust are two key factors in developing a potential hypnotherapy session. The therapist you are going with should be a patient listener and must answer all your questions. The detailed discussions not only help you know the therapist better but also help the practitioner know his patient’s mental status and expectations, which in turn will enhance the likelihood of success.

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