Speak Ericksonian: Mastering the Hypnotic Methods of Milton Erickson

Speak Ericksonian: Mastering the Hypnotic Methods of Milton Erickson

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This book holds the keys to Ericksonian approaches to hypnotherapy, and they unlock how to apply the solution oriented strategies of Milton Erickson, M.D. to a modern application of his ideas. This book will teach you how to tap into the treasure trove of resources Milton Erickson left us through his writings, case studies, and books.

Milton Erickson, M.D. pioneered medical hypnotherapy and the use of clinical hypnosis to produce rapid change. By understanding the theory and practical techniques of his approach you can produce the same rapid results with your clients.

The book provides scripts, resources, and a clear understanding of what Ericksonian hypnotherapy is all about. You will learn the language patterns that create the foundation for conversational hypnosis, indirect suggestion, and the creation of sensorial experiences. After you read this book and complete the exercises, you will be able to “speak Ericksonian” fluently. This book is a practical guide and an instructional manual that will lead you into success.

    How to Hypnotize Tutorial: Dr. Richard Nongard’s 1-Hour Crash Course in Hypnosis

    This tutorial takes you through a basic strategy of conducting hypnosis. It is of course, not a complete training program and is provided to help you understand the natural phenomena of hypnosis,
    Dr. Richard K. Nongard is among the most qualified professionals in the Southwest, and has authored many books, videos and professional educational materials, including hypnosis textbooks. He holds advanced degrees on both Religion and Counseling, and has been trained in the USA, Canada and Europe.

    Dr. Nongard has completed his doctorate in transformational leadership with a concentration in cultural transformation through Bakke Graduate University. BGU is a nationally accredited university, accredited by an accreditor which is recognized by both the United States Department of Education (USDOE) and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).

    Hypnotherapy has gained immense popularity in the coming days. Hypnosis is a state of mind that helps a person relax and over come his problems. With today’s busy and unpredictable life, there are several people who look out for help to de-stress themselves. If you are the one who loves to understand others thoughts and feelings and help them solve their problems, hypnotherapy is the right career for you. Although no specific qualifications are recommended, it always works to have a diploma or certificate in hypnosis.

    Although several people show interest in hypnotherapy training, there would be very few left in the end, because not everyone can make a successful a career in hypnotherapy. I have seen many people who self-train and are quite good at their hypnosis skills. Though you need to be able to understand every aspect of human nature and how to deal with it by referring to books, there are some tips and tricks that are revealed only at training sessions.

    There are numerous benefits of a hypnotherapy diploma or certificate. Other than gaining sound knowledge, it also helps you get employed. Majority of employers prefer those with a diploma or a certificate to a person with only skills. If you are serious about making a career in hypnotherapy, it is advisable to earn a diploma or certificate, or both, to have better prospects.

    When you are a part of any school or institute, you get to practice hypnosis under the supervision of experts. This helps you understand it better and perform well in the future. Also when you practice it under supervision, you need not worry about going wrong. However, in self-training or online lessons, you are deprived of these sessions. Any education proves to be best when there is a balance of both theory and practical know how.

    If you become part of a well-known school, it can actually prove to be a stepping-stone. Most schools are associated with reputed intuitions and offer placement. You need not run from pillar to post in search of a break. To be a professional in hypnotherapy you need tremendous knowledge and all the required skills. When a person comes to you, he wants to rely on you and then handover his mind. However, a professional without a certificate or diploma is not merely trusted on the skills that he or she possesses.

    Many schools arrange for seminars and discussions with experts from the industry. This will help you get some handy tips to perform well and grow in future. Personal attention and constant guidance from professionals plays a big role in shaping up your career. If you want to take advantage of having a diploma and certificate, look for a well known and experienced school.

    With regards to job prospects and sound knowledge and better skills, it’s best to have a hypnotherapy diploma or certificate. These documents have immense power to help you fetch the right job. To take the advantage of opportunities in this field, it is better you enroll for a course.

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