The Couple Who Became Each Other: Stories of Healing and Transformation from a Leading Hypnotherapist

The Couple Who Became Each Other: Stories of Healing and Transformation from a Leading Hypnotherapist

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Intuition, gut feelings, hunches…Call it what you like, we all possess unconscious wisdom.  And as the stories in this book make clear, that wisdom has the power to heal.
A married couple trade identities in trance–and end the battles that have pushed them to the brink of divorce.
A patient in deep trance endures a five-hour surgery without anesthesia, even stopping her bleeding on cue.
A woman who is going blind regains her sight when she confronts the knowledge she has been trying not to “see.”

These are just a few of the fascinating true stories told by family therapist David L.  Calof, one of the leaders of modern hypnotherapy.  In a practice spanning more than twenty years, Calof has helped clients use the power of their own unconscious minds to gain insights, solve problems, and heal physical and psychological wounds–sometimes in dramatic ways even he could not foresee.  His revealing book offers remarkable insights into the inner wisdom we all possess.

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Hypnosis Therapy : How to Become A Hypnotherapist

Becoming a hypnotherapist involves joining the National Guild of Hypnotherapists, the American board of Hypnotherapists or the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis to undergo training and gain continuing education credits. Find the right organizations through which to train with helpful advice from a certified hypnotherapist in this free video on hypnosis.

Expert: Andy Silver
Bio: Andrew Silver, principal with, is a certified hypnotherapist and a mediation and skills training consultant.
Filmmaker: Christian Domarus

There are many hypnotherapists around claiming to be licensed and so unquestionably skilled. But are they really skilled and experienced enough to deal with one’s subconscious mind? There are schools offering certifications and long term programs even to make the licensed practitioners. But, you should never think that a huge certificate hanging on the wall confirms the skill of a hypnotherapist. Here we will find the factors that actually make someone a good hypnotherapist and so the one to depend on.

The hypnotherapists who take on serious psychological cases without understanding the process are great disasters. They actually make the sufferers stay away from this treatment. It is essential to have in-depth psychological education, which considerably enhances the ability of hypnotherapists; makes them far more flexible in determining what will be effective and helpful for their clients. The recognized institutes follow the proper guidance to create able hypnotherapists and so while finding one, you may want to find whether the person is certified in the state in which you live. Thus you will be able to get well assured about their credentials.

Of course, your hypnotherapist should be willing to discuss in details about his or her education and training and free to show you the documentation and certificates. The hours of training required for the certification also determines the legitimacy of the hypnotherapists, so you can also talk about that too. While going to a practitioner, you should also ask about his or her specialty and success rate, besides the cost for each session and so for the entire treatment. The therapists promising immediate relief and so huge charges are always better to be avoided. If your hypnotherapist is asking for a certain number of sessions, make sure you get a fair quote for the whole series on paper. There should not be any hidden cost or conditions; rather the deal should completely be clear and transparent.

The practice of hypnosis requires trust and willingness to let someone guide you through the psychic therapy; the person should always be supportive and optimistic. In other words you must feel that your hypnotherapist want you to succeed and get out of the difficulties as badly as you want to! The good hypnotherapists encourage their clients to practice self-hypnosis so they can learn to make future changes on your own. As they say, complete dependency to something or someone can never lead to success. You must remember that, hypnosis cannot independently be projected onto you by someone else. It is rather a mutual collaboration between you and your hypnotherapist to work toward your goals. So, you must find someone to whom you can be relaxed and willing to use your subconscious imagination clearly visualizing the outcome you aspire.

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