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People come to alcohol hypnosis to stop drinking because they have crosses the line and their drinking is costing them and their loved ones allot more than money.

For one reason or another, you have become conscious that you are drinking too much alcohol and you need to start to take control before it becomes more of a problem. I have treated thousands of people who admit, ‘I drink too much’ and there are generally seven reasons they came for alcohol hypnosis treatment.

Clients often tell me they drink too much alcohol for the following reasons:

  • Many say they drink too much to escape a difficult family life or to avoid responsibility within family situations.
  • Regular lunches with friends or nights out, many people come to me saying that they have such an active social life it inevitably leads to drinking too much alcohol. The constant hangovers, worry about the night before and general lows that come from excessive drinking can cause a huge range of emotions and lead to a loss of control around alcohol.
  • Many have found that when in social situations, all their friends drink too much alcohol and it is expected that they do too. Many people when faced with this end up giving in to peer pressure to avoid feeling left out of the group.
  • Drinking too much alcohol can become a routine rather quickly. When one glass a night turns into one bottle and even more, tolerance can play a part.
  • Many claim they drink when they have done something good or achieved something to reward themselves by having a drink or two.
  • Whether housework or work commitments, many people tell me they drink to avoid the mundane or ‘put off’ the difficult. All of a sudden, an innocent drink has turned into real problem.
  • As strange as it sounds, getting over a hangover is a very common reason for drinking too much alcohol. Many report feeling a bit rough in the morning and using alcohol as a cure.

Alcohol hypnosis will allow you to deal with the underlying problems that create the desire in you to want to drink alcohol by enabling you to connect and address the cause of the problem within your unconscious mind.

Hypnotherapy will also assist you in addressing the physical desires for alcohol by facilitating the connection between your mind and your body, in turn allowing the physical responses to diminish and giving you the ability to deal with the alcohol dependence without physical problems.

Past experiences can often be a trigger for alcohol addiction, brought about though distorted unhealthy thought patterns. Alcohol hypnosis will allow you to take back control and give you the ability to say no to drinking alcohol as you become aware that it is not the right way of dealing with particular problems.

You can easily learn to break the cycle of turning to a drink when faced with problems by re-programing your unconscious mind to provide you with new alternatives to merely drinking copious amounts of alcohol.

You will learn to deal with stress, discomfort, past and present emotional traumas in new appropriate ways through the powerful re-programing techniques instead of automatically reaching for a drink when things become too much.

Alcohol hypnosis is a recognized approach for dealing with all those situations that bring about the desire to drink alcohol such as when you are lonely or bored, socializing or celebrating or simply to wanting to wind down after a day at the office.

If you feel that your drinking is getting out of control and you need some help to deal with it. Hypnotherapy will allow you to completely eliminate the desire for alcohol or to simply generate a modification which makes it easy for you to stop drinking after you know that you have had enough.