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Covert hypnosis is a linguistic method of hypnosis generally used to guide somebody in a particular direction to get and outcome favourable to the hypnotist wether for self-gain or for therapeutic reasons.

Many widely practiced forms of hypnotic persuasion or covert hypnosis include Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Conversational Hypnosis and Ericksonion (indirect) hypnosis which are generally are the most common.

A commonly used practice of influence is called Neuro-Linguistic Programming or N.L.P. for short.

Many hypnotists and Ericksonian hypnotherapists believe that the use of linguistic tricks with special speech patterns can persuade people to do things that the hypnotist or operator wishes them to do. People trained in N.L.P. and Covert Hypnosis share this view.

People who study N.L.P tend to think that its practise is justified because it is intended to be used for business or therapeutic work where as people who learn covert hypnosis are believed to do so to try and use it to take advantage of others or the opposite sex.

Ericksonian hypnotherapists use the same linguistic tricks to influence clients as part of their hypnotherapy treatment regime. These strategies can assist the hypnotherapists to influence unresponsive clients. These hypnotherapists believe using manipulative subconscious influence is perfectly acceptable in the name of therapy. There is no government regulation for this kind of covert hypnosis therapy in Australia even though it is no secret that most hypnotherapy clients are anxious about having mind control techniques being used on them outside of their awareness.

Common delusions about covert hypnosis is that it can be used to brainwash a person to do the operators bidding by embedding commands in the language and attaching triggers to the person so they will action tasks the operator wants actioned. Though the operator can certainly use these covert hypnosis tools to influence a person generally they will not get the person to do something they don’t want to without resorting to emotional black mail or other methods of force.

Covert hypnosis is made up from hypnosis, psychology, magic and mentalists techniques. Con men use these same tactics to exploit their victims. Rumours often surface of men using covert hypnosis techniques to engage women who would not normally be interested in sexual encounters with them. By typing covert hypnosis into Google you will find many books, dvd’s and other covert hypnosis training resources available online.

Most people never master the art of covert hypnosis simply because it takes a lot of dedication and effort to acquire the skills and confidence to use it to its full potential. Those sinister people who intend to learn it to make a quick buck or seduce a woman that they believe is out of their league soon come to realise it’s too much effort and give up before they have enough skills to cause anyone any real problems.