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The ideal place of relaxation or sanctuary for dating hypnosis is basically a space you can put inside the mind where people can go to relax, to de-stress, to be safe from the daily cares and concerns of everyday life.

It’s a phenomenal thing to do to people; it’s like a mental relaxation break, a mental holiday where they can take a break from all the things that are happening in their life and just recharge their batteries, just rejuvenate; or at least have a moment where they aren’t harassed by a difficult situation.

This is a wonderful thing to do for people, to teach people how to do dating hypnosis and how to access. To do it is actually very straightforward.

Basically, you’re going to use a guided mental image in order to create this wonderful scene for someone which is relaxing, it’s safe, it has all these associations of happiness and relaxation and comfort, all these sorts of things going on.

Now, there’s no magic in the particular version that I chose, the secret garden. You can create it on a beach or in a wood. Really, the potential scenes that you could choose are virtually endless.

A very charming way to do this is to spend some time at the beginning of the session before you do hypnosis talking to the person about their life experiences and really talking about what kinds of dating hypnosis they find relaxing, safe, and wonderful.

They may spontaneously tell you about something they used to do when they were a child which was really fantastic for them, or they may tell you about a wonderful holiday they’ve been on or a special period in their life, and all the things that they associate with that, the things that trigger off those memories.

Remember, this is much like how you can be on a great holiday and come back and listen to a song and it becomes that holiday song that takes you back, or the way that a couple can have a song that becomes “our song” which reminds them of the time when they first started dating each other and brings back all those exciting feelings again.