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Hypnotherapy Self Hypnosis is achieved by putting one’s self into a deep relaxed meditative state and focusing all their awareness inwardly so that all of their external awareness becomes non-existent.

The easiest way to describe this state would be to say they consciously put themselves into a kind of daydream. People go in and out of trances all the time and a good example of this is when a person is driving long distances in a car and can’t remember parts of the journey like they were driving on autopilot.

When a person goes through the induction process and puts themselves In self hypnosis, their mind enters a heightened state of focused concentration (the hypnotic trance state), and it is within this focused trance state that you are able to give yourself the beneficial suggestions needed to assist you to achieve your desired outcome. These suggestions would usually be given by making a recording beforehand that you would play to yourself during the self-hypnosis session.

Use hypnotherapy self hypnosis and a cd recording that facilitates the process and easily allows them to use self-hypnosis anytime the desire.

The easiest way to think about learning to hypnotize yourself is to think of it as a bit like meditation in that you should chose a convenient time of day, and relax with no limbs crossed in a comfortable chair or bed. Keep in mind that if you do it when you are fatigued, you are likely to fall asleep.

Self hypnosis hypnotherapy downloads are useful tool for learning self-hypnosis. Free self-hypnosis hypnotherapy scripts can also be used by people who want to construct their own hypnotic intervention such as self-hypnosis to lose weight or stop smoking.

A person would be usually do this by reading out the script into a recording device and then playing it back to themselves while relaxing with their eyes closed in a comfortable chair or bed. Most find it useful to play some relaxing new age music to enhance the experience.

When deciding which self-hypnosis hypnotherapy script would be best to use there are several factors that need considering.

  • Some hypnotherapy self hypnosis downloadsare used to put the client into a deeply relaxed state while others contain the therapy portion for the specific outcomes e.g. stop smoking.
  • Other self-hypnosis hypnotherapy scripts combine the two together so it is important to always read through the script first before using it to make sure the suggestions contained in the self-hypnosis hypnotherapy script feels right for you.

TRy reading the self-hypnosis hypnotherapy out loud into a recording machine always read the script in a slow, clear, calm, relaxing voice and if you have music playing make sure it is the relaxing meditation type.

Sometimes it is necessary to listen to the recording every day for a period of time to really get the full benefit. Take a number of deep breaths, holding your breath for as long as possible, and as you breathe out relax your body from head to toe. Feel yourself sinking into the relaxation of your chair as the relaxation spreads throughout your body.

When researching hypnotherapy self hypnosis take the time to read about the author of the script if possible and find out if they are a qualified hypnotherapist with a recognised qualification because there are allot amateur hypnotists posing as professionals.