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Many hypnotherapists use a hypnotherapy technique as a way of assisting the client by taking them back to the first time they experienced a problem and then helping the client to drain away the emotion attached.

If you want to learn a good way of doing regression therapy I would suggest attending a live hypnotherapy training with myself as I am a master of regression therapy and you will learn allot by watching me in action.

I use a combination of a good solid regression model coupled with an exquisite use of language to powerfully engage the client into an experience that allows for good changes to occur.

There is a lot of controversy around Neuro Linguistic Programing and its effectiveness. Myself, I use a few NLP techniques at times with customers but never as a standalone therapy.

NLP is brilliant for demonstrating a hypnotherapy technique in public or at trainings by doing simple things like removing somebody’s head ache or phobia as long as they are a wiling subject and their issue aren’t to serious.

Problems arise when people with NLP training try to do what they believe to be hypnotherapy work with real customers with real problems. NLP therapies are not enough by themselves to do good lasting change work. NLP is most useful to those who wish to pursue a career in sales or something where persuasion techniques are useful.

I have large percentage of my customers report to me that they have been to other hypnotherapists for gambling, drinking, depression, phobias and many other issues with no success.

When I ask why they felt it didn’t work they nearly always repeat the same story. The hypnotherapist told me to sit in a recliner or lay in a bed, close my eyes and they read me a stop smoking hypnotherapy technique.

At the end when I opened my eyes I knew I wasn’t hypnotised and felt like nothing had happened (usually they couldn’t wait to get out for a smoke.)

When a customer wakes up from hypnosis with me I challenge them to have a cigarette and they will not light a smoke no matter how hard I try to make them. They say their mind doesn’t want them to have one and they can’t find it within themselves to even try smoking a cigarette. Why would they now they don’t smoke.

This is why you should never go to a hypnotherapist who just reads scripts to you because that is not real hypnosis or hypnotherapy. It is just reading positive or negative affirmations to somebody with their eyes closed.

Scripts are certainly useful tools for a new hypnotherapist to use and give them great insight into the authors approach to hypnotherapy but there is much more to be a successful hypnotherapist.

Ericksonian Hypnotherapy. Many believe Milton Erickson was the greatest hypnotherapist ever to exist. They believe his particular ambiguous style of non-direct hypnosis to be the holy grail of hypnotherapy. NLP uses much of Ericksons work and developed most of their language patterns and routines from Erickson.

Ericksonian hypnotherapy is a good complementary therapy to add to hypnotherapy but alone is lacks and is not enough to make good lasting change.

Ericksonian hypnotherapy does have allot of value to a hypnotherapist and can give them some good tools to add to their arsenal but to study this alone and believe you have all you need to make good changes in people’s lives is unrealistic.

Hypnotherapy technique is the best way to make lasting change when it comes to weight loss, addictions and most other problems a customer will present with.

Direct hypnotherapy done correctly is a simple process of giving the hypnotised customers unconscious mind direct instructions. Because the unconscious mind changes what it once believed to be real to what the hypnotist now tells it to believe to be real. Now when the conscious mind accesses the unconscious memory banks for information it is given the new beliefs the hypnotherapist installed.

Direct hypnotherapy is quick and eliminates the need to drag the client back into the past and drag then through painful events hoping to find something that will help them to change. There is no hoping with direct hypnotherapy if the hypnotherapist is experiences and knows what they are doing.

I can hypnotise anyone that wants to be hypnotised. Once I have the customer’s unconscious mind responding to my instructions I can get them to access a whole range of resources available not normally available to help them.

As much as the customer is under my control throughout the hypnotherapy session I never irresponsibly presume to know what is best for them like the script style hypnotherapists.

I do however instruct the customer’s unconscious mind to identify problems and come up with appropriate solutions. I will then get the customers unconscious mind the make these solutions real for the customer so that this is now their reality by replacing the old unwanted problems/behaviours.

The client’s unconscious mind will communicate to me throughout the hypnotherapy technique and this will happen beyond the customer’s awareness.

Direct hypnotherapy is very powerful when it comes to producing changes for the client but can only be done properly by a skilled hypnotherapist who understands how to really hypnotise a customer in the first place or it won’t work properly.

Most hypnotherapists believe if a customer has their eyes closed and looks comfortable they are in hypnosis. This is not the case as myself and many other hypnotists out there are proving.

It is unfortunate most hypnotherapists are not properly trained in how to hypnotise a customer and instead put their efforts into eyes closed counselling types of hypnotherapy that doesn’t produce good results.