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Phobia hypnotherapy is the solution for irrational fear of a particular thing or situation, something that terrifies a person to such a degree that they believe they have to modify their behaviour to keep themselves ‘safe’.

There are two main groups that phobias can be divided into.

  • Specific phobias e.g. fear of dogs, flying, crowded places, driving, claustrophobia etc.
  • Social phobias e.g. fear of embarrassment in certain situations such as dinner parties, public speaking and work presentations.

Both of these phobias can produce extremely terrifying episodes for the person and leave them feeling totally out of control.

An example of a phobia may be where a child notices a bee, she is fine about it but her mum was bitten by a bee in the past and nearly died of an allergic reaction. The mother sees the child approach the bee and lets out a terrified scream and from that day on the child is petrified whenever she notices a bee.

Years later the child is grown into a woman when she notices a bee hive in one of the trees in the front yard of a house she walks past everyday on her way to work. Aware of the bees she now has to way the long way round to work to avoid the yard with the bees in it taking her an extra 15 minutes each day.

Whilst walking the long way home from work one day she notices some bees in the hard of another house and is now so scared to walk along that street that she feels it is safer for her to stay indoors and as a result leaves the job she loves.

Generally phobias have their origins locked in early childhood memories. She is a curious child noticing that bee for the first time fascinated by the tiny flying insect. She then decides to investigate and moves towards the bee.

Hearing her mother’s screams of terror as she runs across the yard dragging her away from the bee. A file is then created within her unconscious mind that bees are really dangerous creatures.

As the she grows older, her conscious mind tries to rationalize her fear of bees however her unconscious mind activates distress signals to remind her of the actions of her mother from many years before and convinces the conscious mind that she really is in danger.

The more the rational conscious mind tells you that she is safe, the more the unconscious mind fights to convince her that she isn’t.

Phobia hypnotherapy uses techniques that permits a person to access hidden unconscious files (memories) allowing them to be opened and modified to facilitate change in the persons conscious waking state.

Regression Hypnotherapy is a phobia hypnotherapy technique that allows a person to remember a specific incident from the past that may have been hidden away as a protection mechanism by the mind to stop them having to re-live the fear of the past situation.

When the initial incident occurred the child didn’t have the wisdom and life experiences that they have today.

By regressing back through the person’s life and finding the initial triggering event that is causing the phobia in the present. They are able to ‘see’ the incident again and feel the emotions of that scared child but the difference this time is they comprehend it as an adult.

This then allows the person to put the correct interpretation on that scene by seeing it through their adult eyes rather than the eyes of a scared young child and as a result enables them to handle future incidents involving the specific or social phobia in a much more appropriate and rational way.

Over the years, I have used the phobia hypnotherapy treatment with 100’s of now happy clients. Regression techniques in the wrong hands can be very dangerous so always find a true master hypnotist when seeking out a phobia cure.