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Subliminal hypnosis uses suggestions which are not recognized by the conscious mind, but instead recorded in the persons subconscious mind. The idea is that a message, typically consisting of a single affirmation (or suite of affirmations), is mixed in with another recording or relaxation style of music such as new age or rainforests.

For instance, a message can be injected into an audio tape, and although it is heard by the listener, it does not register along with the other sounds on the tape. The brain then files that information deeper into the mind.

“Hypnotists who believed that the “unconscious mind” is highly suggestible and is the part that is really running the show made more use of indirect suggestions, such as metaphors or stories, whose intended meaning may be concealed from the subject’s conscious mind. Ericksonian hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP) use this type of embedded commands in their hypnotherapy treatments.

These subliminal messages are then used for hypnotherapy without the hypnotherapist present. Audio subliminal messages are thought by many to be more powerful than those that are picked up by the conscious thought process.

Subliminal hypnosis recordings are now used primarily for self-help purposes. Whether or not it works depends on who is asked. Many doctors, psychologists and others in the helping professions have tried the self-help subliminal hypnosis recordings and swear by their effectiveness at bringing about positive changes. These and many other people believe in what is now referred to as subliminal perception, it has the power to influence thoughts, feelings and actions, and it is all done below the level of consciousness.

These subliminal hypnotherapy embedded messages can prove to be very beneficial in many instances. Those who want to quit smoking lose weight, or gain confidence may be able to obtain that extra push to succeed by using subliminal messages.

It has worked for thousands of people. It has been compared to hypnosis in that post hypnotic suggestions have been very successful in self-help efforts.

Since hypnosis and subliminal hypnosis messages both work on the subconscious mind, they work on the same premise and can provide equally successful results. The science is sound and allot of professionals agree that it does indeed work.

For those wishing to improve their lives in some way, subliminal hypnosis recordings may be the answer. It certainly is worth a try and a lot less expensive than many of the traditional methods.

My website and offer a free wealth session using subliminal hypnosis to re-program your mind to increase your financial wealth. When other efforts to address your problems have failed for whatever reason, subliminal messages may be the key to success.

It is one of the less invasive forms of therapy when it comes to things such as smoking cessation or weight loss. If a technique can improve the performance or lifestyle of an individual, is it not worth a try? With subliminal hypnosis recordings, there is everything to gain, and little to lose.

Subliminal hypnosis recording downloads now come in many formats so as well as listening from your computer; you can copy your hypnosis MP3 audio session onto your phone or iPod as well as CD, MP3 player, DVD or tape.

All subliminal hypnotherapy and hypnosis recordings at have been written and recorded by Master Hypnotist – Adam Snailham using my state of the art Neurocybernetic Advanced Transformational Hypnotherapy™ The most sophisticated hypnotherapy available coupled with thousands of hours of practise in my clinic in beautiful Brisbane Queensland Australia offers you the best guarantee of a positive outcome.