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It’s simply a NO BRAINER if you want to STOP SMOKING FOR LIFE. Why would you trust your future to anybody else?

When it comes to Stopping Smoking

There are nearly as many products out there as there are Hypnotherapist, Doctors, Psychologist and even Acupuncturists that claim they can help you stop through their Cd’s or by seeing them in person.

Let me tell you straight up I run the biggest and most successful hypnotherapist shop in Australia and I can tell you why 70% of my clients say they have been to other Hypnotherapists/Therapists of various forms (the people I mentioned above and others) and not only didn’t it help them to stop smoking but quite often did allot more harm than good and it’s easy to see why.

Many Hypnotherapists

Read out scripts to you whether it be in person or on a Cd that do not help in any way, shape or form?. All they do is set you up to fail. They presume to know what is right for you and then irresponsibly try to install it into your mind. Fortunately it doesn’t work as your mind is smart enough to reject what they try to impose on you but it still costs you allot of money and disappointment. Stuff Like:

Every time you have a cigarette you will feel sick or like you have maggots in your mouth.

If you keep smoking you are guaranteed to die a horrible death.

If you keep smoking you are a looser, it’s your fault it didn’t work etc.

Doctors may offer you types of anti-depressant medication, nicotine patches and gum that keep re-introducing the very chemicals you are trying to get out of your system. Allot of my clients have told me these offered them a temporary solution that eventually led them right back to smoking.

Psychologists will try different cognitive behaviour therapy techniques or similar therapies to try and help but they don’t realise you already know at a conscious level smoking’s bad and you already want to stop. It’s getting the support from your subconscious mind that’s needed and psychologists can’t work with your subconscious mind using CBT or traditional therapies.

I can’t really comment on acupuncture except to say I have never had anyone report it has offered them a permanent solution to giving up smoking cigarettes.

Why is my method so successful?

It’s easy. I am one of the few people in the world who has the real knowledge and skills required to truly hypnotise a person and communicate with their subconscious mind.

The most common thing I hear from customers is that they went to see other hypnotists and they didn’t feel they were hypnotised or that anything really happened. This is because they weren’t really hypnotised and nothing did happen apart from the hypnotist taking their money under false pretences.

I tell customers when they come to see me I will not take their money at the end of the session unless they are 100% satisfied that they will leave and never smoke again and they always say the same thing. They don’t remember what happened (a side effect of somnambulism – meaning deep hypnosis) and they know something has changed because they can’t even imagine having a cigarette.

Why do they feel this way about smoking after a session with me? Because if their mind doesn’t create the cravings or withdrawals anymore then they simply can’t exist. Couple a person’s conscious intent to want to stop smoking with the removal of any cravings and withdrawals from the subconscious mind and then you have a true recipe for success.

An important point to mention here is that it is done without any side effects such as weight gain or replacing smoking with another bad habit. How can I guarantee this? Easy by getting the subconscious mind to help make this the clients reality. So simply put when a client stops smoking with me it is done in a way that is best for the client mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually. The clients subconscious mind guarantee’s it.

How does this work?

1 Once you have made the wise and beneficial decision to stop smoking once and for all. Consider all of your options carefully Counselling, Acupuncture, Psychologists, Doctors etc. My job is about giving choice not taking it away. The main thing is you are sick and tired of spending money to breath in harmful poisons that potentially can kill you.

2 Try some of the options available if you like Doctors, psychologists and see how you go.

3 If they don’t work then it’s as easy as coming to see me in person here in beautiful Queensland Australia so I can get you on your way to a life free of cigarette smoking.

The choice is yours?